Toerisme Kasterlee

pumpkin craze

Kasterlee is the village of the Pumpkin Porridge Eaters. In October, the town is enthralled by this giant orange fruit, with pumpkins and pumpkin events everywhere.

The pumpkin craze started more than 20 years ago with a single event, Pumpkin Day on the last Sunday of October. In the meantime, ‘October pumpkin month’ has grown into a large-scale folk gathering with many events and activities and has resulted in a special culinary offering by our many high-quality hotels, restaurants and pubs.

Using home-made giant catapults, the participants try to throw pumpkins as far as possible. Spectacle guaranteed.

A large arts & crafts market where you can taste lots of (pumpkin) delicacies and where the heaviest pumpkins are weighed.

This kayaking competition in large hollowed-out pumpkins is unique in Belgium. Fun for young and old.

11 Oct 2022
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